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Innovation excellence

"Innovation comes from people who take joy in their work and the best way to predict the future to invent it.""

Publishing Solutions


Copy Editing
Reference editing
Technical editing
Language editing
Fact checking

Indesign(XML & SGML advance flow)
TeX - LaTeX

Graphic Desigining
Illustration (Redraw,Relabeling)
Illustration (Disk editing)
Halftone drawing
Imaginary drawing
Chem draw
Cover designing
Image scanning

Proof Reading
Character level
Stylistic aspect
Subject based proof reading
Data conversion

Abstraction and Indexing
Subject index
Author index
Abstraction and Data mining


XML/SGML conversion
HTML conversion (HTML5)
E-PUB creation (E-PUB3)
Fixed layout for iPad/iPhone conversion
Mobi pocket conversion
Sony palm reader
i-Pad conversion
Kindle conversion
Adobe reader
Android conversion