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Innovation excellence

"Innovation comes from people who take joy in their work and the best way to predict the future to invent it.""

About us

Chandraprabhu Enterprise Private Limited (CEPL) was incorporated in 2004 to provide end-to-end content-related technological solutions, services, and products for Publishing (pre-press and post-press solutions) and Welding (manufacture of flux cored welding wires and wear plates) Repositories under the chairmanship of Mr. V. C. Jain .

We use state-of-the-art technology to take projects of all sizes and complexity from concept to completion. Our uncompromising standards and attention to detail ensure that every project is fabricated to exact specification, completed within budget, and delivered on schedule. The CEPL team is committed to deliver superior quality deliverables on time, the first time. The company is expanding its operations in both service and manufacturing sectors.

I. Service Sector Operations

The areas under the service sector include:

(1) Pre-press Solutions
The presentation of content within a publication is one of the most important aspects that can play a key role in maintaining a reader’s attention. CEPL typesets the manuscripts by carefully selecting the fonts, point size, leading, etc. We can style and set various types of contents for all book types, including eBooks. The team at CEPL has expertise in desktop publishing software, such as InDesign and Tex/Latex. We structure the document for web and print publishing via the HTML, XML or SGML route as per customer specifications. We check/validate at various stages to get everything right.

(a) Template creation
CEPL prepares authoring guidelines; creates word authoring templates; tracks chapters and manages content; and manages chapter-wise schedule, length, extent of revision, peer review, and content compliance. We also provide customized services and solutions using known markup languages and design client-specific templates. We are always focused on developing XML-based technologies and on inter-conversion from one ML format to another and content enrichment using cost-effective methods.

(b) Digitization
Electronic publishing entails creation and processing of data that can be output through various media based on an electronic document that is adequately tagged for various elements. The starting point could even be in a hard copy format (e.g., legacy data) and in general, may require data conversion or data entry for digitization prior to generating a well-tagged document for conversion into a multiple-media-friendly mother document. The latter can then be output through the desired medium, namely, print, DVD or CD, web document, an eBook, etc. Thus, several pre-media services become part of today’s publishing environment.

(c) Copyediting
Our copy editors can check the author manuscript for grammatical errors, style/syntax/spellings, etc., and are experienced in handling poorly written manuscripts. They can polish manuscripts to improve their quality, thus also improving the chances of acceptance for publishing.

(d) Pagination/Composing
In a print-first world, we deliver pre-flighted, print/web/device-ready documents originated with and converted from any of the leading pagination systems – TeX, Arbortext, InDesign, or Quark. CEPL provides data conversion and pagination services to hundreds of manuscripts, each with a different style sheet. We tailor documents to a variety of structural and presentation demands, answering to mark-up language tags and pagination parameters resident in the publisher's specifications which CEPL can evolve according to requirement.

(e) Graphic Design
CEPL employs professionally qualified and trained Graphic Designers.
Our graphic artists are skilled at
• Conversions from all types of art formats.
• Redrawing including conceptual illustrations, complex medical charts, map scaling, usage of color from any specified palette.
• Cartography.
• Processing halftones based on required dot gain for every printer setting and calculation of ink coverage, as well as working on 2- and 4-color art, etc.
Graphic quality is assured through an array of in-house quality tools and universally acknowledged preflight checking on all printing standards such as fonts, color mode, color separation, line-weight standards, total ink coverage, and the like. Our tools support simultaneous production of art for both print and online formats.

(f) Quality Control
CEPL has designed systems with the main aim of streamlining the production process to provide cost-effective solutions for meeting the increasing demands for faster turnaround times and improved quality expectations of the publishers. We ensure that files are certified for quality and delivered within short turnaround periods, if required. We have built customized processes to ensure consistent quality, and these processes are audited on an ongoing basis to ensure that continual improvements are made. We have developed highly automated validation and conversion tools to ensure consistent output quality.

(2) Post-press Solutions
CEPL provides post-print, eBook and enhanced electronic production, and backlist conversion services.

(a) Data Entry
CEPL converts historical documents (legacy data) available in the hardcopy format, documents available only in the PDF format, etc., to electronic versions through data entry of the printed originals. We have double data entry system to achieve guaranteed accuracy when the source file cannot be converted through scanning or OCR method. The converted materials undergo word-for-word proofreading to ensure quality.

(b) XML/SGML Conversion
CEPL provides post-print, eBook and enhanced electronic production, and backlist conversion services. We convert content from hard copies, microfilm, microfiche, application files, and PDFs very accurately to text files. We tag, index, style, and label data to provide web-enabled HTML/DHTML files, XML/SGML formats, and all popular eBook formats such as ePUB, ePDF, and MOBI. We use the tagged, indexed, and labeled data to make the electronic information searchable and easily retrievable.

II. Manufacturing Sector Operations
CEPL is a firm which is incorporated with a motto of providing a wide variety of welding solutions. We have earned a reputation for excellence through the efficient delivery of high quality and innovative welding solutions. We use state-of-the-art technology to take projects of all sizes and complexity from concept to completion. Our uncompromising standards and attention to detail ensure that every project is fabricated to exact specification, completed within budget, and delivered on schedule.

1. Flux Cored Welding wire.
(i) Hard facing welding wires
We are into the manufacture of top class hard facing welding wires which include CPI-5001– CPI-5009, CPI-5430, CPI-DOHN, CPI-TOIC and CPI-5414.

(ii) Mild steel welding wires
For welding purpose, many users believe in the efficiency of stainless steel as it shows the ability to not corrode or rust easily. Moreover, in the presence of low oxygen, poor air circulation condition and high salinity, it does not show any proof of staining. The mild steel welding wires manufactured by us include CPI–101 AWS A 5.20 E70 T–1, CPI–102 AWS A 5.20 E71 T–1, CPI-300 AWS A 5.20 E70 T-5, and CPI-301 AWS A 5.20 E71 T-5.

(iii) Low alloy welding wires
We make stringent efforts to continuously improve and upgrade our processing process and offer a range of low alloy welding wires which are precisely designed and engineered by our team of experts. Our range includes CPI–103 AWS A 5.29 E81 T1–Ni1, CPI–104 AWS A 5.29 E81 T1–Ni2, CPI–105 AWS E 81 T1–A1C, CPI–106 AWS A 5.29 E81 T1–B2, CPI–107 AWS A 5.29 E91 T1-B3, CPI–108 AWS A 5.29 E81 T1–W2, CPI–302AWS A 5.29 E81 T5–Ni1, CPI–303 AWS A 5.29 E81 T5–Ni2, CPI– 305AWS A 5.29 E70 T5–A1, CPI– 306AWS A 5.29 E80 T–5–B2, CPI–307 AWS A 5.29 E90 T5–B3, CPI–309 AWS A 5.29 E90 T5–K2, and CPI–400 AWS A 5.29 E90 T5–K4.

2. Wear Plate.
We are into the manufacture of top class wear plate in which plate is backend with strong Steel plate on which highly wear resistant carbides are deposited. The carbides may be Chromium carbides, complex carbides and tungsten carbides.The common size are 3mm to 8mm and backend steel as per size. provided wear plates are both customized by us and as per client specification in terms of size and chemistry of plates.